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    A Message from Torgom Vintage Clothing:

    On a side note, just to keep you updated with recent changes, our new company policy only allows?2 people to come in per company under the $500.00 minimum.

    If a larger group needs to come in then PLEASE call and speak to the Manager for Exceptions.

    We WILL BE CLOSED WEEKENDS, We will?NO LONGER be open Rose Bowl Saturday.

    New Business Hours: Monday – Friday 8am- 5pm ONLY

    A Trusted Source For Wholesale Vintage Clothing Worldwide

    Wholesale Vintage Clothing in Los Angeles

    Torgom Vintage Trading Company is a Wholesale Vintage Clothing Company proudly offering vintage clothes to retailers throughout the world.?We are a solidly founded company who values Vintage clothing in all its eras of life. We would like to take the time to introduce ourselves to the Vintage Shop community. We are Torgom Trading Vintage Company based out of Los Angeles California. We are a Wholesale Vintage store which offers a variety of clothing specializing in Men’s and Women’s vintage apparel from as early as?1900’s style fashion to the latest current style fashion such as Dresses, T-Shirts, Jackets, Jeans. Checkout our offerings, contact us today for a scheduled tour of our warehouse.?


    Only 2 People Allowed per Appointment under the $500 Dollar Minimum

    After the 2nd Person (3-4 People appointment) the minimum changes to $500.00 Dollars Per Person

    Please be sure you have an appointment.?

    NO exceptions will be made.
    (Production companies speak to manager)

    Here at Torgom Vintage Clothing Wholesale, we supply to other Wholesale companies, Boutiques, Pop-up shops, Mom & Pop Business owners on Etsy, eBay, Web-based eCommerce stores, Film and Network Productions, designers with wholesale production, and Clothing shops from all over the Globe.

    The 53ft trucks arrive with a full shipment from tip to tail. All of the merchandise is consignment, so you are the first to see the clothing.?The merchandise arrives in 1,000 lb. bales, 200 lb. bales and 100 lb. boxes. We sort the merchandise and hang it all on racks. We enjoy what we do and our employees are knowledgeable in all Vintage eras and enjoy learning more.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact our Manager, Christina.

    Torgom Vintage Clothing – FEATURED IN

    This Rags-To-Riches Business Has Beat The Retail Apocalypse (HBO)


    Season 1 Episode 10 West Coastin


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    (Please make sure your information above is correct in order to be contacted promptly)

    Meet Us Every 2nd Sunday of Very Month at the Pasadena Rose Bowl

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